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New Honeywell HE300 TrueEASE 18 Gallon Advanced Fan-Power Evaporative Humidifier

Condition: New open box A16 (As)

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  • Up to 50% Water Savings on Advanced Fan-Powered Models - Timer-metered solenoid wets the pad only as needed, reducing water waste by as much as 30% and savings up to 10,000 gallons of water per year
  • Quietest Residential Fan Humidifier - The centrifugal wheel and propeller fan design makes TruEASE quieter than standard variable HVAC systems and more than 20 dB quieter than equivalent competitive residential fan humidifiers
  • One-Piece Design - Mounting screws are located around the perimeter of the humidifier, making it easy to install in a single step rather than mounting a separate frame assembly.
  • Integrated Wiring - Push terminals make TrueEASE simple to wire and the integrated control board eliminates cost and time spent on separate relays typically required to deliver additional humidity by forcing the fan. Simply flip a DIP switch to set advanced humidification options.
  • Quick-Connect Plumbing - All plumbing is connected in a single step by attaching the hose to the quick-connect gasket
  • Familiar Footprint - Installs in the same space as existing bypass humidifiers for easy retrofit upgrades. A foam seal ensures a tight fit
  • User Friendly Pad Access - Easy slide-out design means there's no disassembly of the humidifier or interaction the the plumbing needed to change the pad

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